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Recipe for English Madelines.

Mum's Madelines [pictured opposite]



For the Mix:
3 Large Eggs (weigh eggs as following ingredients should equal their weight)
SR Flour
Caster Sugar
Soft Margarine or butter
Few drops of vanilla essence.

For decoration:
Strawberry or Raspberry seedless jam
Desicated Coconut
Glace Cherries

These are English Madelines and special tins have been used for this recipe (or Cupcake paper cases if not available)


You can use an electric mixer for this, or by hand if desired. 

First of all put a small greaseproof disc at the bottom of each tin and another strip around insides, sticking it tight to the tin with butter, or margarine [if not using paper cases] and regrease the paper, once inside.
Pre-heat oven to 160 centigrade.   Cooking time 15 to 20 mins, or until pale golden and springey to the touch.

Cream/Whisk together sugar and fat, until pale colour.
Add eggs one at a time, together with tablespoon of the flour,
   [this stops eggs from curdling]
Add Vanilla essence.

Pur the mix in the tin/cases, but only fill to 3/4.
Put into preheated oven 15 to 20 mins.

Once springey to the touch and slightly shrunk from edge of tin, leave to cool in tin on rack for 5 mins.

If you haven't lined the sides of the tins, you will need a thin knife to run round the edge of tin and shake out carefully.   This bit is a bit trickey. 

Heat the jam in a pan slowly.   You can add a small amount of water if you want them less sweet, but for those pictured, I have used the jam neat.
Put the jam in a plate and roll the madelines in the plate, holding them by the top and the bottom to coat the sides, you may need to also use a brush if necessary.   Put them on a rack and then brush some of the jam on the top.
Put the desicated coconut in a plate and roll the madelines in to cover sides only not the top.
Put a little more jam on the top sufficient to stick a halved glace cherry.
Then sprinkle a little more coconut around the cherry to complete.
Put the madelines in paper cases to serve if desired.

If you are using the paper cases to cook the madelines, then you will need to take them out of the cases and disgard, and turn them upside down and put into new cases.

I hope you enjoy this recipe, which was my mother's.   You can use the same ingredients, to make a fool proof victoria sandwich.    Dividing the mixture between 2 tins.   Make sure you grease and flour the tin in the same way, using a greaseproof circle at the bottom of each one.   I'm fortunate to have a tin with a bar that removes the cake from the tin, but I still grease and flour them well.

31 mar 13 @ 10:32 am 

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My love of cake making has recently been revived, by my husband promising a cake for my father-in-law's 90th birthday and prior to that their 70th Platinum Wedding Anniversary.

I really loved doing this, even though when I'd finished, I said never again.   It was also a chance to make my late mum's cake recipes as well, so it was a real trip down memory lane, as when I was a child mum used to make such wonderful cakes with lots of fiddley royal icing baskets.   So I just thought I'd take a moment to share them with you.

Hope you like them?    Let me know!

Platinum Wedding Anniversary Cake

90th Birthday Cakes

I had to make 3 cakes.  
1 for a family lunch party
1 similar and a more formal cake for the big family party to come.
The character cakes were for his life story which my husband had put together
First he was a delivery boy, for the remainder of his life he was in the R.A.F. as a Batman [Waiter].  His hobby was gardening, in particular he loved growing veg and onions.
The Main Cake is the badge for the R.A.F. Staff College in Bracknell, with their motto.   Hubby kindly presented me with a miniture photo and said "You can make a cake with this on, can't you."   Well as you can tell he knows which buttons to press.   So make them I did.