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Easter at time for
Hot Cross Buns, Easter Eggs, Daffodils & Summer Dresses.
However, it is also a Christian Festival which celbrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Although this website is dedicated to just Cookbooks, you can find books on religion on our sister site.

These days Hot Cross Buns and Easter Eggs have been available in the shops since Christmas.  I think it is a shame, as by the time Easter gets here, it's lost some of its meaning for me.

I think of my family at Easter roast chicken/turkey and simnel cake.   Piping hot cross buns, dripping with butter.   Egg rolling and egg hunts and lots and lots of gorgeous chocolate.   We are currently listing a job lot of chocolate books, but if you want just one or two, let us know.

We have been invited for Easter Sunday lunch this year.   With rib roast on the menu with all the trimmings.   My husband is a great cook, but it will be a treat for us to be waited on and I know that the meal will be exceptional as the hosts are great cooks too.   

What to take as a guest.   Well I thought that I might take a batch of Easter biscuits, tied in ribbon for the coffee part of the meal, in place of an egg.   I might well be tempted to ice some in egg shapes too.
9 apr 14 @ 7:31 am 

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My love of cake making has recently been revived, by my husband promising a cake for my father-in-law's 90th birthday and prior to that their 70th Platinum Wedding Anniversary.

I really loved doing this, even though when I'd finished, I said never again.   It was also a chance to make my late mum's cake recipes as well, so it was a real trip down memory lane, as when I was a child mum used to make such wonderful cakes with lots of fiddley royal icing baskets.   So I just thought I'd take a moment to share them with you.

Hope you like them?    Let me know!

Platinum Wedding Anniversary Cake

90th Birthday Cakes

I had to make 3 cakes.  
1 for a family lunch party
1 similar and a more formal cake for the big family party to come.
The character cakes were for his life story which my husband had put together
First he was a delivery boy, for the remainder of his life he was in the R.A.F. as a Batman [Waiter].  His hobby was gardening, in particular he loved growing veg and onions.
The Main Cake is the badge for the R.A.F. Staff College in Bracknell, with their motto.   Hubby kindly presented me with a miniture photo and said "You can make a cake with this on, can't you."   Well as you can tell he knows which buttons to press.   So make them I did.